Thursday, 18 August 2011


I continuously fail to phantom how fate blessed me with such a wonderful opportunity: a chance to collide with someone as sweet as you. It is true; I can’t afford to lie and simply can’t hide why: the reason for loving you. Countless times, your kindness has embarrassed me and amazed my friends: telling me what looks good on me and what food was harmful to my health. My mother would most certainly be the only competitor, but you surely would be a worthy challenger.

Some years back, a trusted someone told me not to settle down with you, because apparently I hadn’t met half the number of ladies I would eventually come in contact with through my entire lifetime. Well, I guess this friend of mine was unaware of the fact that this period of existence would be shared with an angel, regardless of the Pamela Anderson’s or Jessica Alba’s I’d eventually become acquainted with. You certainly don’t resemble that pretty pair, but baby, you are my brightest sun without which my galaxy would cease to exist.

Don’t be astounded, I mean it all. Life does not always hand everyone such a perfect deal, because if it did, an increase in wages, or that ever-growing yearn to stay forever young would be the least of our headaches. Believe me, proviso quod there were a million and more ways to express my love for thee, I’d exhaust them all with much pleasure and glee. Some say, “Love is unreal: it’s a great farce”. Maybe they should have met her before I did, because she’s the other half of me.

You complete and complement me at the same time: something of a rarity. Life would be blurry without you: lacking much clarity. So please don’t blame me for loving you like this. ‘Cos now they know that this picture is worth much more than just a kiss...

Dedicated to Mr & Mrs Tabicca

Written by : Kojo Essuman Ackah
(C) Copyright ~ 2011 All Rights Reserved

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