Monday, 23 May 2016

Broken Token

The strings that joined them
tore like they have before.
A mind never paid
left them the same way.

A miniature, a type
A copy of the real kind
It's just jewellery, but it's not
Even without touch or sight.

The other's stayed on your right wrist
whilst our initials tore.
I'm the villain and so sore
Cos before we began, it wasn't mended.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Aldos

These blue envelopes
have pressed against the plough,
walked the alleys of the Row
where death skids past men.

These soles
have accrued miles on end
Seeking those that are his
Just to tell them its not lost.

My aldos
They've tasted my tears 
as the Holy Spirit touched me.
They've become more than shoes.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


There isn't any chocolate on there
No force field pulling my mouth's magnet
I'm not taking advantage of you either
I just fell for them.

No accolades, no prizes can compare
to the gift of your glistening face
They're not the reason I'm stricken
I just thought you should know.

You might not feel a thing.
Well, I hope you do
Knowing they mean a bit of something
would mean everything to my lips.


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wingless Bird

So is it impossible?
To be what I'm not
Or escape the identity the heavens gave
Its not that I'm lost
Just inspecting my sides.

Laughter and tears altogether
when the cocktail is a mix
A mix worthy of a blissful purge.
I'm a lamp with oily wicks
And a shadow of many doubts.

A walking contradiction?
Seems so.
I've never ridden the cirrus clouds
But I remain a bird
Without what makes one.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Feeling Numb

I grab myself
Cuddle myself
I'm not a new born
Don't need swaddle cloth
But somehow i just wish it was so.

Just wish she would grab me
Wrap my being and heart
Seeing that both are hers for the taking
It's obvious to the blind bus stop beggar
How much she means to me.

I grab myself
Feeling this nocturnal numb
Mostly in my right arm
Because I leaned on her left
Whilst I laid in my bed alone.

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Meaning of a Thing

The Creation of Adam, c.1510 (detail)

So what does a thing mean?
That thing we cherish and abhor.
All at the same time depending on your coordinates.
The thing with which we dare not do without.
Kinsmen could be the source of it.
Or the family we find on our journey.

The one thing that keeps a young melanin man up at night.
It is difficult to become self-didactic with this.
Yet I am looking for the meaning that plunges you.
Into the depths drenched with a thousand oysters.
I know the meaning exists.
But its taking too long to notice.

So you're asking what this thing is?
It could be the first thing you thought of
when I clearly told you afore and then.
Maybe its not what I know now
But what you're yet to find out.
Show me when it comes.