Wednesday, 7 March 2012

5 Things Your Crush Won't Tell You

1. She thinks about you everyday: in addition to the many guys cramming up her inbox. To pride herself in the tons of proposals, accrued due to her bedazzling beauty or specious humility, every lady scrolls through her messages especially when she has nothing else to do.

2. You are not the one, at least not yet. Every girl yearns for a gentleman with specific qualities and different guys from diverse backgrounds seem to have bits-and-pieces of her character wishlist. As such, it becomes more than an arduous task to pick-and-choose Mr. Right from a group of Mr. Partially Rights.

3. Don't think you are special: just because you've shared her bed before. Guys might presumptuously think there's something symbolic about their sharing an item of exclusivity or close. You could be deceiving yourself by giving her the inamorata tag. The truth is, in this modern society, personal space has shrunk gradually and personal property is towing similar lines. Even the chasm between her thighs isn't as privately owned as previously was.

4. Valentine's day doesn't matter as long as you don't bring it up. Most ladies only remonstrate about your inability to get them a gift because they'd have nothing to brag about at the salon. From very unreliable studies conducted by myself and a couple of invisible accomplices, it has been discovered that the ratio of presents procured by guys to that of ladies is an outstanding value approaching infinity. The bottom line: ladies won't spend on a just any dude, but any present is accepted irrespective of the suitor.

5. Money isn't everything; but it shouldn't be lacking. Cliches will always crumble under the pressure of reality. Quite apart from the bourgeois or aristocratic type, bevies of women would admit to the depressive nature of a relationship deficient of cash. Honeymoon at the Holiday Inn which couldn't materialize might seem cost-effective in the long-term, but obviously some form of pampering should be in order no matter the amount involved. Only fiscal strength can make that possible.