Friday, 19 August 2011


Plethora of reasons leave me bewildered as to why I awake so tired and totally worn out. The many billions of mitochondria could have not just disappeared. After all, nothing naughty transpired the night before bed. Even if something did happen, I’m sure it would have provided a source of refreshment rather than a pile driver through my back. Maybe my body took advantage of itself and decided to work overtime in keeping my sugar levels intact: based on last night’s chocolate delight.

With Lupe Fiasco blasting through my cochlea, my body’s cognitive skills appear to experience a sudden surge in the most uncompromising fashion, probably in response to my outcry of weakness: kind of showing me who’s boss right? But believe me, my body is boss alright, especially when it comes to waking after being unaware of your surroundings for hours on end and expelling fluids from within without my permission

Just recently, I stumbled over some very useful information on mechanisms of the sleep cycles mostly encountered. It’s interesting to note that during your nights of respite, they are characterized by moments of rapid-eye movements and non-rapid eye movements. Certain neurons within the brain just above the spinal cord are supposed to be rendered active and inactive, with respect to the previously mentioned activities. But what’s more captivating about this fact is that these neurons actually prevent sleepers from acting out their dreams, and instead, allow only twitching or very unnoticeable movement. If this wasn’t the case, many of us would either have hurt ourselves or forcibly found our way into our partners, lawful substitutes for the wonder woman seductively approaching in our virtual world.

Even though this naturally occurring phenomenon may be at least as important in calming the inward pressure ongoing within as the never-ending cycle of metabolic activity, excessive sojourning down the Slothful Street can be disastrous to say the least. So the next time you are aboard the ‘Goodnight Express’, tell the conductor to skip that bus-stop for your own sake.

Charging is currently complete, and I'm so dead beat....

Written by : Kojo Essuman Ackah
(C) Copyright ~ 2011 All Rights Reserved
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