Thursday, 14 July 2011

College Chronicles

Part two describes the ensuing events that followed that in the former. Its a true story retold for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Introduction: We are still in the month of September. This is the continuation of the previous part, where a consistent rush of blood through my head deceived me into thinking I'd found my better half for life. Naivety rode along with infatuation and sensual gusto. We spent countless times together during the day, and also, in the dark confines of her room. It was like being in a Bermuda Triangle, everything became non-existing in those moments. Nothing really happened, that is, if you believe me......

Remember September (Part Two)

Falling for this daughter of Eve was no conscious choice of mine
despite the unflinching yearn ever-burning up within
My affection towards her unfortunately wasted my time
turning my cerebral Mona Lisa into a worthless painting.

Dancing to the seemingly beautiful beat of passion,
our souls were fed on a diet of tender cuddling company.
We even kept many secrets and vows like a marital union
sorting out our differences and disputes when there were any.

With nights of bliss and burning fervour fuelling this period
we dined at the table of love: cherishing each kiss and touch.
This continued as I transmuted into that fleshy Nimrod
staking my claims on protruding the clouds like a Sputnik launch.

In making my roommates privy to this sticky situation,
chants for emotional cost recovery filled my daily thoughts.
Luckily I listened and laughed at them with little erroneous elation
thereby evading any dastardly ideas or malicious imports.


  1. THAT'S MY BOY... I love it when you write

  2. my guy i love this but can we know who this daughter if EVE is?

  3. C'mon Addisco, you know who I'm talking about...