Thursday, 30 March 2017

Designer Rags

I can see you balling like a billionaire. But you're not immortal, like you've got a billion airs to breath. My body feels refreshed by the water from the standpipe. And after a while, it excretes itself with a different shade of yellow every time. The same happens after the many ''voltics'' you spend your endless cash flow on. Do you feel good so far? I'm not done...

You took my girlfriend away with your V8. My intents were pure, but she still told me she had needs like M.B. Now, she keeps calling - saying she wants me back. Was it because of the vee you ate? And maybe the promises you made that didn't suffice? Oh, mister man. You're married too. So one isn't enough for you? Is it ''keeking'' you? Let me finish you now...

The ''taaty'' billion in your account must be fiction. Yet, she bought it and made her skirt more mini to stake her claim on your eyes. Have you forgotten you met her at the Night Club, across the St. Vitus Chapel? You even imagined fake snow falling whilst you serenaded her. Now you see, what the fakes know and always have. You must be dreaming in your designer rags...

Monday, 27 March 2017


Just this Christmas, I visited family after such a long time of being away. And of course, I had to celebrate my birthday these past three years with my apartment mates - but without my family back home. Among the things I missed the most, was my grandfather's birthday card. Ever since I can remember, he's always showed me love that way and in many others as well.

The very day I arrived, I called my entire family into a group hug which lasted more than a thousand blinks. In that instant, all my anxieties from school disappeared.

But the single most heartfelt thing I experienced on reaching home, was finally seeing my kid sister who had been struggling with the rigors of high school life. I tried to encourage her and tell her things would get better. Her inability to reach me from school really hurt me, because I felt the need to speak with her everyday.

A few days after my arrival, she came home and got me awe-struck.
She gave me a customized bookmark, a birthday card and a hug. Besides apologizing for missing my birthday, what she wrote after got me tearing up - mind you, this isn't a usual fixture.

She wrote:

             "I hope the Lord really blesses you for all you do.
               You have really helped me through difficult times.
                                                                                 Ewura Ama."

Mehn. Imagine how I felt.Words aren't enough.. I love you Ewurama.