Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Grow Up!

Besides the ponytail I forcibly created below my occipital bun, (yes, my famous rear cranial projection that many girls laughed at), I thought myself a rock star many times without count.
Using the broken handle from my badminton racquet, I would sing my heart out - whispering along while the radio provided the needed audio.

It was soo fun, I would disturb the knob as I constantly changed the station when annoying commercials set in. The only problem - the mimicry transcended music.
You know, just like when the mid-nineties installment of the Amazing Spider Man™ came out, I imagined webs shot from my palms and swung around the sitting room. Of course, my knees and ankles suffered as a result, thanks to the center table.

You know what, I miss those times. I didn't have a care in the world. No bills to worry about.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy adulthood - changing my passwords at every login, forgetting what multiplying matrices looks like, the gradually receding hairline, and more. Trust me, it's a thrill.
But there's something there I wish I had retained. Not sure what.

Monday, 12 June 2017


My breakfast is just too cold this morning. The PB&J sandwich Cori made is amazing, but I'd prefer it to have been just a tad warmer. I need my dose of calories till lunch time regardless. Maybe some radiation would speed up the process.

It might have been just two slices of bread and everything else in-between them. Maybe that's the trigger I needed - to remind myself that with all of the technology around me that heats without fire, renders phone calls quicker and telegrams faster, I shouldn't get sucked into the matrix.

It's quite subtle to pick up this. When everything comes streaming at you, i.e. news feeds on Facebook, notifications from everywhere, spilling-over inboxes full of subscriptions that we've forgotten  about, etc. The list is endless. The habit of expecting the cookie to crumble at the speed of light is more than tempting - it just creeps up on you.

I'm not where I used to be, but I am far beyond where I was days ago.
Forgive me if this seems too slow for you. Good things take time, the length of which is a mystery.
We're the gold fishes swirling in that envelope of water, instead of the artifacts others gave you. And that costs more than pieces of silver...it costs time.