Monday, 13 February 2017

Her Stones...

So this time round, my convictions stand resolute. If it were possible, I would convince the whole world. But besides issues of convenience, I simply deem it unfit to do so. Howbeit, my heart is sure and stuck on this maadamfo papabi I've found.

You don't see this everyday. A beautiful friend embracing you with all of her precious stones. Some of which have either been unappreciated, or stolen by those referred to in the nearly forgotten past tense. Catching her isn't my only mission; keeping her and these stones - those too.

Lord, help me love my friend. Just like you've asked us to...

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Yesterday's Blaze

Insulating myself from the hell that wants to erode my skin, that's what I'm doing. These yellow flames were my friends before. We walked the brimstone streets once and many times that we lost count.

The livid horde of grim reapers came through the alleys we played on. Their long staffs, with those razor-sharp blades, sent hot chills down places that crippled us. Nevertheless, we still had a calmness that made us impervious to the fear that they exuded.

I'm not sure why that was the case. Maybe its because we were young and unaware. Things are different now. They blazed hotter as the day continued, whilst I remained the same; hoping to become the sun and far hotter than has ever been, I maxed out.

It's almost midnight. Things are different now. Why? 
I've forgotten how it feels to be fierce; what a sharp contrast of sub-zero temperatures looked like. My amnesia has become my undoing.

Monday, 5 December 2016

You're Not Here

It's like my soul searching came up short. I didn't factor in the eventual this. Being a grad student is never easy. Thing is, I didn't know it had anti-perks. I only saw what opportunities lied ahead using my pragmatic side. I conveniently forgot about my more emotive half and thought I'd "robocop" my way through.

But the long distance love I avowed to avoid, caught up with me. Exposing me and all of my weaknesses. The time difference, ooooh time difference. I hate it with a passion.
She's going to bed, I'm sitting in class. She wakes up expecting to hear my voice, I'm living my alternate reality with a snore. It's always a tussle without pulling a muscle.

The first didn't really pap. Being strangers before and turning lovers overnight was the curse.
But this is different. We've been friends for a decade and one. And now the harsh reality knocks.

Yesternight was hard. Her tears brushed my canvas.
She's stressed, she can't take it.
The missed calls, the emojis, the long messages; it's all messing her state.
Her expectations are intoxicated with hope, but yet, wet with uncertainty.
Now, it's like hearts need glucose shots. Hmmm...

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Doughnut Trunk

No one man should have all this power. Especially when he's got a fluffy fluff on his head. Coincidence created both his hair and that pussy cat with the same color.
Isn't it just beautiful? Just fantastic, just wonderful...(arms stretched sideways)

Thought he warned you when he said he'll win big. Bigger than the bigot you thought he was or might be. Would you be proud of everything you'd say, if your every movement was tracked by a camera or the Machine as seen in "Person of Interest"?

Please, it's taking too long for you to disembark from your twelve-feet pony. Did you think that was your forever-abode? I apologize. We all need our garments bleached, even if some of us are predisposed to flaunting the stains more than others.

And oh..Billary, how long it took you to get this fly? All day...
All these years for a loss?  Oh. Sorry.
Maybe next time, you'll visit Wisconsin and still prepare for the debate.

Congrats Doughnut...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yesu Medaase

Dear Lord,

I'm grateful for my biological family, my church family, and friends who became so.
You've been great and merciful to us Lord. There are many things you have done for us.
We're eternally thankful Yeshua.

Hallowed be your Name!
I'm grateful for life and for your redemption in this life.
Father, I thank you for your plans and thoughts towards me and my future.
Plans for my good only to bring me to an expected end.
Countless times I have not deserved your favor, but you showed it anyway.

I'm grateful for the blood and your Spirit, as they bear witness.
Medaase obrempong Nyame.

Best Regards,

Medaase - Thank you (Twi - ghanaian language of the Akan tribe)
Obrempong - Almighty (Twi)
Nyame - God(Twi)

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Miezah Mystery

It has become common knowledge, at least to me, that the man with whom I share a surname (at least partially), was declined the chance to ascend to the presidency back in the day.

The underlining story, however, could easily pass for an episode of Leverage. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Leverage was a popular series based on modern-day Robin Hoods, that carved out very thought-out and elaborate schemes to dupe the affluent, having erred based on their own moral judgement.
Except in this case, it was a one-man show with swag. Shabray paaa...

What shocked me was the Trust Fund story and the bruhaha surrounding the whole thing.
First off, I'm sure its something of an open secret that African dictatorships and democratic ones alike, have for ages stacked their loot in Swiss banks. From the Mobutus to the Maha.......errmm okay, that one dier I kent.
Let's continue because you get my drift.

In chess, one rule is true; the fact that the trick or trap is old, doesn't mean it won't work if you don't anticipate it. Maybe that's what happened to the many investors who trusted this sole trustee of the supposed Fund that held millions.

Come to think of it, I now understand why my primary school teachers kept making reference to him anytime I had to repeat my surname. 
I would have said, "Please there's no relation okay. Don't know him from Abimelech..."

Slang List
Shabray - a popular Ghanaian slang meaning "sharp minded individual".
kent - westernized enunciation of the word "can't".

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Rusty Dreams

How far has the corrosion gone? Maybe you and your silver coins needed some galvanization. Isn't it obvious you came up short? Not the chocolate-drop kind. Just that the accolades you wanted could easily pass for a shelter, since you stayed under.

Your castles came crushing down being unfounded, when you closed your eyes all day. Maybe you misread your destiny, when it said your life would be full of dreams. Next time, you should ask the author for an abstract, just so you're apt from the start.

Did you see and relay on the many diamonds that you mined in those dreams? Maybe they stayed there and became your imaginations central reserve. You better build many banks and link them with lines that would live for centuries.

The horses you rode have gone with the wind that created them. Maybe next time when you saddle up, hold tight to that rein and make sure you're not catching formless forms. Thank you, that you woke up from the shut-eye that made you rich.