Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dark Room

“Let’s develop in darkness”
That’s the message I heard through the megaphone
When the communicator lead the few inches beyond his mouth
“Let’s close our eyes and improve our farcical fiscal infrastructure
With no electricity, water, a comical cedi and a paltry pesewa
We’ll attain lower middle income status.”

Let’s make sure we watch the African Nations Cup
Jubilating and cheering without limits till our tongues tire
Waiting to celebrate the result of our biometric charade and complain after
Let’s demonstrate and remonstrate in utter disgust
Talk about how corrupt “they” are and take our ten percent
Because "kpakpakpa" is a movement.

So although I promised that walking in darkness
would be a thing of the past, it’s now beyond me and my megaphone.
Because we're still living in the past, becoming a desolate Rochester to Apple’s advantage.
Just like Kodak we have strived to become Africa’s cautionary tale
An example on how to achieve a slow response to change

And continue to develop in darkness.