Sunday, 30 October 2016

Miezah Mystery

It has become common knowledge, at least to me, that the man with whom I share a surname (at least partially), was declined the chance to ascend to the presidency back in the day.

The underlining story, however, could easily pass for an episode of Leverage. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Leverage was a popular series based on modern-day Robin Hoods, that carved out very thought-out and elaborate schemes to dupe the affluent, having erred based on their own moral judgement.
Except in this case, it was a one-man show with swag. Shabray paaa...

What shocked me was the Trust Fund story and the bruhaha surrounding the whole thing.
First off, I'm sure its something of an open secret that African dictatorships and democratic ones alike, have for ages stacked their loot in Swiss banks. From the Mobutus to the Maha.......errmm okay, that one dier I kent.
Let's continue because you get my drift.

In chess, one rule is true; the fact that the trick or trap is old, doesn't mean it won't work if you don't anticipate it. Maybe that's what happened to the many investors who trusted this sole trustee of the supposed Fund that held millions.

Come to think of it, I now understand why my primary school teachers kept making reference to him anytime I had to repeat my surname. 
I would have said, "Please there's no relation okay. Don't know him from Abimelech..."

Slang List
Shabray - a popular Ghanaian slang meaning "sharp minded individual".
kent - westernized enunciation of the word "can't".

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Rusty Dreams

How far has the corrosion gone? Maybe you and your silver coins needed some galvanization. Isn't it obvious you came up short? Not the chocolate-drop kind. Just that the accolades you wanted could easily pass for a shelter, since you stayed under.

Your castles came crushing down being unfounded, when you closed your eyes all day. Maybe you misread your destiny, when it said your life would be full of dreams. Next time, you should ask the author for an abstract, just so you're apt from the start.

Did you see and relay on the many diamonds that you mined in those dreams? Maybe they stayed there and became your imaginations central reserve. You better build many banks and link them with lines that would live for centuries.

The horses you rode have gone with the wind that created them. Maybe next time when you saddle up, hold tight to that rein and make sure you're not catching formless forms. Thank you, that you woke up from the shut-eye that made you rich.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Black Russian

You say its hard being you? Try his shoes for a day.
Your blisters would shape-shift your life.
Imagine being a black "chelovek", with an African accent.
Attempt the feat of smiling in every photo.
You'll need a grayscale filter man.

It's hard for this jigga
The boy who hardly smiles but wants to.
You know why?
His near-golden congregation leaves him muted.
Especially when everyone else's still dencia.

Maybe he should have listened to mummy
when she warned his naughty bottom.
He refused, he clogged his ears with Colgate tops.
Now he talks under tone, "say again?"
You stooped closer to hear, oh!