Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Her Golden Eyes

She's got much gold
So much gold in her gaze.
When she stares
I dare not stay unfazed.
Though she's ebony,
her darkness is my light.
Beaming with such glory
at the sight of her night.

She throws up gemstones
clear stones of orthoclase
when words flow from her stream
they cause my wet weakness.
She's not just royalty
Hera is her protege twice.
I'm turned to cold karats
Cos she's got golden eyes.

Orthoclase: transparent yellow stone or feldspar.
Hera: From Greek mythology, the goddess of women.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Have I Sown Myself?

I've heard a lot about seeds
About sowing
About the harvest
When reaping becomes the reward.

But what about my life?
Have I sown that?
Am I truly the living sac?
Lord, help me lord.

I've listened to pastor preach severally
It's difficult for me
Because my pockets don't like the message
They feel lonely soon after.

I have read
I have spread
Spread my bread upon the waters
But have I sold out my all?

Is my heart fully offered?
I've put my hands to the plough
But Sodom seeks me out
Lord, help me Lord.

Father says bring your first-fruit
I'll obey Godly counsel
But have I sown myself?
Have I sown my life?