Thursday, 16 July 2015

Masaki Magic

So I ask, should your senses be excited?

Why the question? Well...
I sought after and got turned down by a mungu. And her reason? .
"I haven't fallen in love with you". The weaver's woe has worked on her I guess.

Purpose has been displaced and now you've turned to Rosalinda, Esmeralda and "Cuando Sias Mia" for inspiration. Isn't that love as fleeting as the feeling that fed it? Doesn't it botch up your colorful warps?

Masaki has stricken you damn good, my dear.
Well, I better stock my belly with butterflies the next time.

Okay okay. I've moved on.

Masaki - According to African Mythology, a Hausa spirit that inflicts weavers with occupational ailments. In this case its the sensual spirit (personified) that inflicts her with an earthly desire of love.
Mungu - Goddess(swahili)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Do You Like It Here?

"Do you like it here?"

Quit asking me that okay.
My continent, my country, and my skin don't rhyme with hell.
Have you heard? (gripping my right ear)

Your petty prejudices don't impress me nor my spirits.
When are you going to grow up? The only thing that separates us is your weird weather and five hours. 
Everything else is man-made or made of bread.

Honestly, your sense of humor deserves a slap when you keep asking me that. 
Drop those glasses keeping you short-sighted and tear down that misrepresented picture
of the world behind your bedroom door.

I don't appreciate you laughing at my accent either. I'm African and a proud one.
Tenk you!

Now let's go get some chinese at Long Garden.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ezeet Okay?

Is it okay?
To shave my life
Don't laugh, you heard no northern howler
I mean to apply the barbers' knife
And make space for growth on my scalp
Is it okay?

Is it okay?
To love a lady without proposing
Am I not doing that anyway?
With the bouquets and the bourgeois gifts
Do I have to bruise my knees?
And pick my heart to ask her?

Is it okay?
To drown in my sleep today
And be awoken by reality's breath.
Just on time to repeat boredom.
I thought "early to rise" meant more silver
I guess its not that simple.

pick - to steal or rob of a possession (in this case self-love).
bourgeois - member of the middle class.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Chop Keez!

Bring your lips
They look soo raspberry red
Splurged with nature's own palette
Don't form shy jaree.
Chop keez!

My intentions are verified
He's the past and us, the future
Let's begin the merge my malkia
Allay your fears my queen
Oya chop keez!

The harmattan is getting worse
Your morbid midomo need healing
I can't bear it no more
Just lean in much closer
Chop keez!

Okay okay!
So you're hesitant abi?
Just close your eyes
I've got a surprise in hand
Ahhh! The keez jus laaand!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Oh Stahp!

Oh Stahp!
I don't know you at all.
Now you think you might have feelings?
Okay let's think this through.

Is it because I text you often?
How can you love me so soon?
My heart is tender ooo.
More fragile than my own afro

Oh Stahp!
So are you as caring as you claim?
Or its just because your bed needs warming?
Even if it Fahrenheit freezes over, I don't care.

Is it really the way to your hungry heart?
The plastic packs of pilau and chicken.
Or its my melo melodies from Dar-es-Salaam
Don't push it, I'm taken.