Thursday, 25 May 2017


You don't speak your father's language. Even your beginnings were dogged down with flagrant derogatory talk. You were told you didn't know how to do anything. Whenever you were asked to fetch a pair of pliers from the toolbox, you'd bring back the pincers instead.

You were taught how to change the tyres several times. But after nearly a decade you cannot replicate it. I guess he was right. There's nothing you know how to do.

Probably your French teacher was right too. You remember right? When he wouldn't give you a chance in the high school soccer team because he thought you were too short and smallish.

When you were seen as the outsider, though you encouraged yourself to prove yourself to yourself.
But despite the wannabe status, you pushed through to become a part of the science and math team. What an accomplishment! But really was it?

What's your value bro? What's your worth? Have you found it yet?
Or you're still what you were before? An unknown, even to yourself.
Fighting for acceptance, to be understood - to be accepted.
Are you enough?