Monday, 18 July 2016

What I'm Trying to Say - Pt.2

So this morning my breakfast isn't going down well.
Okay. Let me attempt to describe my predicament. I might be love-sick or whatever you want to call it. But wanting to love someone is never a bad idea in my book. So strings pulled us together. Mind you, this wasn't planned. I really wanted to learn to play the guitar and still do.
Her wriggly arms don't faze me at all, rather, its the weight of her heart that draws me close. I hope I don't get the distance card played after this disclosure. She might be my penguin and...okay! let me keep quiet.

Unlike my today's lasagna
you're not patty packed.
Full of pure substance
but still light enough to carry.

Those red roses
didn't replace your sunflower love.
But I hope they lingo relayed
my heart's beat.

I might not be your dream
not the complete package.
Let's build some on the kingsize
and find fullness in Him.

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