Sunday, 24 July 2016

Spintex Trips - Ep.1

So this one time, I liked this lady who lived there. The warehouse enclave which exploded in popularity a decade ago. My grannies' house became just one more reason to pan past those fourteen feet buildings; probably holding truck loads of sardines, cement and even canned cows.

But yeah, this girl made Gabrielle Union look like one of the three ugly sisters in Cinderella. Her skin tone was nearly as dark as bitumen; her neighborhood's dusty roads desperately needed that. She constantly made me feel guilty. "Ah mehnn. I'm actually bypassing the junction that leads to my grannies house, to see a lady I might not even marry? I have a problem paaa." Please, my hormones were stronger than the Spartans. Don't judge.

So the "I'm going to visit a friend'' excuse I gave my parents led me there.
Funny enough, I had been to her blue-gate house more times than can be counted on a baby millipede. But I always waited at the bus station and called her on my Nokia 3310 to ask for directions. I guess the memories from her sitting room neuralyzed me afterwards, Agent J-style. One day, my experience paid dividend. Deep breaths came before knocking with my sweaty knuckles.

Breath-mints, check.
Shaved fingernails, check.
Two neatly-ironed handkerchiefs check.
Okay. We're going in...

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  1. Jo did that really happen😂😆? Where was I?