Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Don't Settle

This is just a critic of the above. It has probably come from people wanting the best. But sometimes I've heard it in a somewhat selfish breath. It's almost like anything other than what we want in specific details is a serious case of "settling". Okay...okay. Go on! Okay..

Bernoulli pick without replacement
Being sure its exactly what you want
-that's the caveat.
A risky sum.

Cure your blind heart
its eyes seem redundant.
For when your one appears
his colors might be contrary to your canvas.

Because though there are parts
that can't be seen or touched,
the plaudits will still ring to the waving
of the fleeting rock that can.

Reach for yours, please
forget praying about the matter.
You must deserve the party's best
regardless of where it leads.

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