Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Spintex Trips - Ep 2.(The First Kiss)

So here I am, staring at the gate I could easily scale over. 
Oh yeah. I've gathered a wealth of experience with my own at home. It's brown, a tad higher than this one but, very shaky. You could blame it on my calculated jumps over it at odd hours. Mostly because, I didn't want anyone hearing the echoes from the gate, as I snuck out to play soccer and other things. Hehe. 

"Hey! Have you been knocking for a long time? Not really. The sun is just really on fleek today'', i replied as she pulled me by my striped shirt. I bought it a week before. It was a huge day.
I had to dress for memories. She wasn't looking too bad herself. The pink darted skirt she had on was a charm. I guess she was looking forward to this just as I was.

So after the brief hug, I was beginning to feel nervous. The night before we spoke about what teenagers dream about, and how that we both hadn't had one yet. We sat in the brown leather couch and she asked, "Do you want anything to drink?" "Nope. I'm good thanks",I lied.

We stared at the TV for minutes as she flipped through channels. My palms were beginning to feel sweaty. Then she inched closer and scratched them. She asked why I had such soft palms and as I lifted my head, it happened. Whoa! I floated, I mean literally. It's like for a moment, all my nerve endings died everywhere else but above my chin.

A silence followed. Soon after she said softly, "I want you to leave." Now I was confused. Did I do something wrong? Was ''the first'' that bad?

Oh my days!

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