Friday, 8 July 2011

College Chronicles

This poem is the first in the series of documented events that transpired during my college education. With it many ups and downs, there were a plethora of purple patches within that four-year period. Sharing this is important to me due to the many lessons learnt, which I believe would be greatly appreciated by all-and-sundry hoping to delve into any field of life. Enjoy!

Introduction : "Remember September" sums up the first few weeks of college, where my immaturity took center-stage and focus was lost from the onset. My books became my pillows whilst looking for love rendered me useless.

Remember September (Part One)
Those unforgettable moments trickle in at lightening speed
when innocence perilously played a dangerous chord with caution
Locked up in the dark cell of emotion and sensual need,
time flew and passed by without my able attention.

Excoriating my bachelor status for companionship,
I searched high and low for that precious gem of a maiden
who would gladly accept my request for a relationship
and take whatever form I was divinely displayed in.

Forgetting about the prime purpose of my arrival,
confusion and naivety dallied in this young man's mind.
With each passing day I relished in the imminent retrieval
where my desires would render my sights somewhat blind.

It was the unexpected month of the famous rush,
when fun became the obvious order at time's own expense.
I cannot say this was infatuation or a callous crush
but my infantile feelings for intimacy were wastefully intense.

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