Friday, 15 July 2011

Classic Trio of 2010

As a lead up to the third and final part of "Remember September", I have selected three favorite poems of mine, written in the past year. They carry different messages, but are meant to speak to the heart. Their sources of inspiration were of varied sorts: from flashbacks from trips of life, to snippets of daily news, to even day-dreaming.

Poem One
Introduction: I'd just read about the Queen of Sheba, the wife of King Solomon. The poem was centered around the story on how she was astonished at the lavishness of his estate when she visited him. Wanting to impress the king, she loaded her camels with spices, gold and jewels but ironically, the king's greatness swept her of her feet. I merged this with the Trojan horse virus, specifically for effect. With this information registered, I played around with the story.

Trojan Sheba
Infect my heart thou viracious virus,
Scarcely sighted by my many blind lovers,
Jealous and full of real incubus impetus,
Only conspicious without its carnal covers.

Without you every flaw remains relentless,
Drenching my will in obvious oblivion,
Till the end I await thee my empress,
With diamonds and rubies lavished in perfect pavilion.

Poem Two
Introduction: On the 28th June 2010, we were greeted with the sad news of 50 miners trapped and possibly dead in a mining pit in Akyempem, somewhere in the Central Region of Ghana. On hearing this news, the sudden urge to write something on this precarious line of occupation came through. Galamsey, as they are popularly known, are local artisanal gold miners plying their trade independent of gold mining companies.

Within the deepest meadows
lies the richest fellows.
Seeking the vanity of substance
relishing its golden appearance.

What perilous endeavor!
bringing earth's platform to decay forever.
Desires of men written in gold
many unfulfilled dreams left untold.

Poem Three
Introduction: She's the lady of my past, currently residing in the Garden city. I had a huge crush on her from my junior high days, which sadly lost its prospects due to distance. In November 2010, the solitary confines of my rooms motivated a nostalgic trance of my emotional hey-days. She was such a pretty darling and still continues to be one...

Miss Anonymous
My many chronicles speak well of you
The epicenter of my perfect plan
Though you are the same: never new
You are still fairer than a Kardashian.

I found solace in the Golden fortress
whilst you enjoyed the vista from the valley
For eternity you'll remain my duchess
till the duke knows no folly.

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