Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yesu Medaase

Dear Lord,

I'm grateful for my biological family, my church family, and friends who became so.
You've been great and merciful to us Lord. There are many things you have done for us.
We're eternally thankful Yeshua.

Hallowed be your Name!
I'm grateful for life and for your redemption in this life.
Father, I thank you for your plans and thoughts towards me and my future.
Plans for my good only to bring me to an expected end.
Countless times I have not deserved your favor, but you showed it anyway.

I'm grateful for the blood and your Spirit, as they bear witness.
Medaase obrempong Nyame.

Best Regards,

Medaase - Thank you (Twi - ghanaian language of the Akan tribe)
Obrempong - Almighty (Twi)
Nyame - God(Twi)

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