Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Doughnut Trunk

No one man should have all this power. Especially when he's got a fluffy fluff on his head. Coincidence created both his hair and that pussy cat with the same color.
Isn't it just beautiful? Just fantastic, just wonderful...(arms stretched sideways)

Thought he warned you when he said he'll win big. Bigger than the bigot you thought he was or might be. Would you be proud of everything you'd say, if your every movement was tracked by a camera or the Machine as seen in "Person of Interest"?

Please, it's taking too long for you to disembark from your twelve-feet pony. Did you think that was your forever-abode? I apologize. We all need our garments bleached, even if some of us are predisposed to flaunting the stains more than others.

And oh..Billary, how long it took you to get this fly? All day...
All these years for a loss?  Oh. Sorry.
Maybe next time, you'll visit Wisconsin and still prepare for the debate.

Congrats Doughnut...

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