Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Black Russian

You say its hard being you? Try his shoes for a day.
Your blisters would shape-shift your life.
Imagine being a black "chelovek", with an African accent.
Attempt the feat of smiling in every photo.
You'll need a grayscale filter man.

It's hard for this jigga
The boy who hardly smiles but wants to.
You know why?
His near-golden congregation leaves him muted.
Especially when everyone else's still dencia.

Maybe he should have listened to mummy
when she warned his naughty bottom.
He refused, he clogged his ears with Colgate tops.
Now he talks under tone, "say again?"
You stooped closer to hear, oh!


  1. This is a gem... keep the good work up..

  2. The boy is at it again....this is too deep la....but very interesting