Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Oh Stahp!

Oh Stahp!
I don't know you at all.
Now you think you might have feelings?
Okay let's think this through.

Is it because I text you often?
How can you love me so soon?
My heart is tender ooo.
More fragile than my own afro

Oh Stahp!
So are you as caring as you claim?
Or its just because your bed needs warming?
Even if it Fahrenheit freezes over, I don't care.

Is it really the way to your hungry heart?
The plastic packs of pilau and chicken.
Or its my melo melodies from Dar-es-Salaam
Don't push it, I'm taken.


  1. Eiiii this guy again...smh...I wonder what pilau is? Me too I'm kurasini paaa ooo. I beg what is pilau? Is it Food?

  2. Chris, pilau is a Tanzanian it.LOL