Thursday, 16 July 2015

Masaki Magic

So I ask, should your senses be excited?

Why the question? Well...
I sought after and got turned down by a mungu. And her reason? .
"I haven't fallen in love with you". The weaver's woe has worked on her I guess.

Purpose has been displaced and now you've turned to Rosalinda, Esmeralda and "Cuando Sias Mia" for inspiration. Isn't that love as fleeting as the feeling that fed it? Doesn't it botch up your colorful warps?

Masaki has stricken you damn good, my dear.
Well, I better stock my belly with butterflies the next time.

Okay okay. I've moved on.

Masaki - According to African Mythology, a Hausa spirit that inflicts weavers with occupational ailments. In this case its the sensual spirit (personified) that inflicts her with an earthly desire of love.
Mungu - Goddess(swahili)

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