Monday, 6 April 2015

“Let’s be friends", she said. I have some. Didn't have a verbal agreement with those. So I dropped the mic and walked.

Fast Forward….
So she agreed. We are going to church this evening on Monroe Street. I must admit, I wouldn't have invited her to church but for the insistence of my heart. It’s just a prophetic meeting but it’s a bit arduous to find the right combination. Yes, combination! I have managed to carve a niche for myself; looking presentable in God’s house. Go me!
My green African wear seems appropriate, although I might look bigger than I am. Hiding the pot-belly beneath it is a must. Well, I succumbed to the pressure of looking nearly formal and dropped the batik my sweet granny got for me back home. Hope its well hidden.

I enjoyed church knowing very well what pastor said and its confirmation thereafter. By the way, Josephine looked great as always.

Sunday evening…
This weekend was an awesome flop. My friends and I were invited to matrimonial celebration and expectations soared ever since. At least mine. I even spent hours carefully ironing my fuchsia pocket square. Not that I wanted to impress a lady or something, like some kind of blind date would emerge from nowhere. Notin give me! Though I expected the norm, the white ceremony didn't suffice. Yeah I said it! I love white weddings.

But as usual, the incessant calls seeking to make certain the occasion’s occasion suddenly burst my bubble. It wasn't white and certainly not a wedding. Oh yawa o! As a side but very important note, she again found it fruitless to walk 10 minutes from her apartment to mine. Not that I mind, but my feet never override the code of being a gentleman each time I escorted to her apartment. I expected her to be…..well….. the friend she promised to be.
What a wasted weekend! I haven’t written a line of code but I’m hoping to recoup what’s been lost. Let’s try.

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