Saturday, 22 November 2014



Aku: Kobbie! Kobbie! Please don’t leave! How would we survive without you? Please don’t walk away. I’ve given you my heart and soul. Now you throw me to the dogs? Wait...Wait [grabbing my arm]. I thought you said only time and death could set us apart. What changed Kobbie? What changed? [drenching my shirt with her tears].

You could say I was dumb-founded and confused. But that would not be enough to capture the chills that shook me. I loved her once before. It’s just not the same anymore. My affection had waxed colder than the coldest iceberg, frozen beyond Fahrenheit lows. My words left without notice. If speech were truly silver and silence golden, I’d have riches worth the price of immortality in that moment.

Kobbie:  Let me go! [releasing her grip]. It’s over. And please get rid of that baby! I’m not even sure I’m responsible. One of those vagabond boys must have done this, isn’t it? You better visit Mallam Yusif’s shrine. He must have something for this anomaly.

Aku: Anomaly?? [sobbing and screaming] Are you listening to yourself? What if we don't make it? Kobbie let’s keep the baby. He’s ours.

Kobbie: No! Just deal with it. Here’s some money for the abortion [handing her five cedis].

Aku: You must be insane Kobbie! [swatting the money from my hand].

Honestly, I vividly remember everything and how we got here. We walked the shores of the beach at sunrise that fateful day. While the sun receded to nature’s cradle, Aku and I wadded through the sands of time and cuddled like there was no tomorrow. After telling her about my plans of furthering my education outside the country, her face lost its glow. I comforted my sweetheart till she regained it. But as fate would have it, a deeper bond of intimacy took shape. Now she’s pregnant for me and denial is my only means of escape.

Aku: I won’t die alone. You must be with me or nothing [dashes to the kitchen].
After a few seconds she headed straight for me with a knife. I tripped backwards and she stooped over me with rage in her eyes. And before i knew...

Kobbie: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!. Whew! She nearly had me.

Though just a dream, this was one of the many surreal encounters I've had since I proposed to Abena. My face streamed with sweat, this lump in my throat lingered and I still twitch my eyes to clear her face...

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  1. Hahahhahahaha.... that was a nice way to turn the tables... Aku really delayed the knife before you woke up. In anyways you control the story so you'll surely not die. Other characters may ,but for you... Smh lalai