Friday, 21 November 2014


As i listen to some rollicking blues from my phone, I twitch my eyes intermittently. The sudden opening and closing of my eyes’ shutter quickly changes from one scene to another within seconds. I do so not because I’m syndrome-struck.  But because I keep seeing images from the past and each twitch clears my eyes, certainly not my mind.

I’m not playing ostrich with what happened years ago between Aku and myself. This is me trying to escape my life’s issues by seeking some brief state of emotional respite within. I won’t lie. I loved her very much. You could call her my teenage sweetheart and rant on about how young and “foolish” i was. I would disagree.  I mean, you would too if you were standing in my polished Gucci shoes.

I adored her. She sounded smart and more matured than her friends when she spoke.  Her silhouette in the dark when she squat, was a sight to behold. I remember clearly like the first time we kissed; and its consequence no less. But she changed. I guess I did too.

She and her aborted child have haunted my thoughts ever since we parted. Back then I even thought of seeing Mallam Yusif so he would give me a memory-washing potion for her. She had to forget about me and us. I prayed she would seek closure and find some suitor to cure her of me.

Meanwhile, Abena and I fell in love few years back whilst I was still pursuing my degree. I didn't feel any guilt whatsoever before.  After all, we both enjoyed those moments together and we had both moved on. I’m getting married to her in 6 days and all I can think about is Aku.

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  1. Just be careful not to call her Akua otherwise you die finish.