Monday, 26 September 2011



Most Ghanaian tertiary students are very familiar with this term, especially when lecturers burden them with overbearing amounts of assignments and group projects to be completed within a very short period of time. More often than not, out of sheer laziness these degree-seeking vampires neglect the fulfilment of their scholastic obligation. And when these works are left to the very last minute, the cycle of laying blame at their doorposts is set into repetitive motion: which usually champions the widespread illusion that miniature gods sitting in offices and pretending to teach, only sought to fail them at the end of the semester.

Or maybe, whilst trying your very best to enjoy the many commercials that annoyingly interrupt the telenovela gripping your sensual side, the lights give out. We somehow (and absurdly) manage to think the company tasked with ensuring that electricity supply is maintained, deliberately deprives the general public of this so crucial utility, or to assume a more paradoxical stance, some trained toddler constantly toys with the switch, which supplies the grid covering our most immediate environs. How cynical can people get!

Mafia actually refers to the name of a slack but solid association of criminals; this group occasionally bound together by blood oaths. Originating from the southern island of Sicily separated from mainland Italy by the Strait of Messina, this enormous but isolated land mass housed the development of this cult in feudal periods in an effort to protect the estates of property-owners indisposed at the time. They never had a fulcrum controlling affairs or even a hierarchical order of any sort: just a bunch of crooks limited in terms of power within a particular district.

This post is specially dedicated to all the dudes around the world who buy that condom just before prom night and finally blame their promiscuous girlfriends for sharing some virus, or the well-armed rogue roaming the streets, searching for the lady who forgot to pick her pepper spray, willing to do him a favour under duress. Whichever personality we are referring to, he has only that one thing in mind: causing damage unlimited till satisfaction is attained, but sadly forgetting about the consequence.

And to the students wasting away precious time, your end might be awfully sublime...

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