Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Its just been over a year since we recounted the brief but beautiful past we both shared. Those times where the world didn't matter, when we became the impregnable unit that has sadly crumbled to non-existence. It would be a great farce to inform the general public and the entire world of me dreaming about you everyday: having your image engraved on the nucleus of my brain cells surely seems enough to keep me haunted forever, which remains my most treasured relic. Constantly chased out of sorts by this nightmare of a memory, I ridiculously wish it would become reality.

Although our intimacy was devoid of salivary exchange, your absence has incurred an omnibus of solitude. Bringing with it, chilly morning breezes,  it sends me a reminder of how warm your cuddles kept me on a daily basis. I certainly don't allude all this to that misinformed meteorologist on the television, or even nature's great antiphon in climate change, but each gust approaching sub-zero temperatures, has felt the fist of my tongue.

In relation to an inter-ballistic missile, missing you would be life-saving, a believable sham of a lovely life worth rescuing, identical to that deep mirage formed in the figment of my  imagination. I identify it as such for the simple reason of not having you around. Just as contagious as a flu might be, I'll keep catching you no matter how sore your falling would be. Now I'm drunk with nostalgia of our sweet past, probably because those epics glide wide apart from this painful present handed to me. Wish you had stayed, when our love frayed: hope time had waited, whilst your patience wavered.

Just a day before, it was born: now its all gone...

Written by : Kojo Essuman Ackah

(C) Copyright ~ 2011 All Rights Reserved

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