Monday, 27 March 2017


Just this Christmas, I visited family after such a long time of being away. And of course, I had to celebrate my birthday these past three years with my apartment mates - but without my family back home. Among the things I missed the most, was my grandfather's birthday card. Ever since I can remember, he's always showed me love that way and in many others as well.

The very day I arrived, I called my entire family into a group hug which lasted more than a thousand blinks. In that instant, all my anxieties from school disappeared.

But the single most heartfelt thing I experienced on reaching home, was finally seeing my kid sister who had been struggling with the rigors of high school life. I tried to encourage her and tell her things would get better. Her inability to reach me from school really hurt me, because I felt the need to speak with her everyday.

A few days after my arrival, she came home and got me awe-struck.
She gave me a customized bookmark, a birthday card and a hug. Besides apologizing for missing my birthday, what she wrote after got me tearing up - mind you, this isn't a usual fixture.

She wrote:

             "I hope the Lord really blesses you for all you do.
               You have really helped me through difficult times.
                                                                                 Ewura Ama."

Mehn. Imagine how I felt.Words aren't enough.. I love you Ewurama.

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