Friday, 6 May 2016

The Meaning of a Thing

The Creation of Adam, c.1510 (detail)

So what does a thing mean?
That thing we cherish and abhor.
All at the same time depending on your coordinates.
The thing with which we dare not do without.
Kinsmen could be the source of it.
Or the family we find on our journey.

The one thing that keeps a young melanin man up at night.
It is difficult to become self-didactic with this.
Yet I am looking for the meaning that plunges you.
Into the depths drenched with a thousand oysters.
I know the meaning exists.
But its taking too long to notice.

So you're asking what this thing is?
It could be the first thing you thought of
when I clearly told you afore and then.
Maybe its not what I know now
But what you're yet to find out.
Show me when it comes.

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