Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Geisha Black...

My mixed veggies console me at this time. The aroma is simply delectable. The garlic and ginger spices seem to have worked well. Yes. I'm watching my weight through life's lenses, and it doesn't look great. I have struggled to stifle my cravings at 3.00am. But vim! I'm trying.

Oh sorry. I lost track. These green peas, chopped carrots and grains of corn are soothing my pain. The pain of having found that my geisha girl is engaged and soon to be further engaged.

I laughed at the first time of asking. She said by March marriage would end her spinsterhood. Its good. What's not is that, I'm not sure if she's joking or not. She says whether its worth laughing at with my back on the floor and my dangling modifiers suspended, is up to me. How does that make sense? She's not even picking my calls.

Oops! My alter-ego just showed up. He's miming music, throwing my arms and pretending to be a rapper. And yes, the pants are dropped halfway. It's not me fault.

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