Tuesday, 14 February 2012


There should be reasons why people envisage the romantic atmosphere that encapsulates V - day. Well, you heard me! And "vee" seems to echo the theme song for strong gentlemen meticulously mining some very natural, but hardly endangered resource down under - which has absolutely nothing to do with St. Valentine (prayerfully solemn with a glowing halo above my head ).

On a more serious note, the electronic media have been at the forefront of humongous blah-blah been made about condoms and chocolate - and the notion that the two make an impregnable duo in sending out that heartfelt message of love. Total overkill! Well, this cliche of an idea has driven other central necessities of affection into oblivion. Trust, compromise, and the God-factor have been sidelined to make way for chariots loaded with boxes of chocolate.

Cadbury might be working overtime in making the arduous attempt of meeting the overflowing demand, with both eligible and ineligible bachelors hailing stones of tribulation on their prized assets derived from Theobroma cacao. I just hope their factory workers don't make the honest mistake of adding too many ounces of sugar. Unknown to many, this may result in insufficient estrogen left for the mutual workout that would ensue hours after tasting the brown, probably stiff and hard chocolate. This watertight fact can be attributed to the function this sex hormone performs in ameliorating glucose metabolism and "booby" growth. So please watch the spurious consumption of unsweetened bars and rolls making the rounds today.

And don't forget, love is the light that shines from the heart....Happy Valentines!


  1. ...didactically, progesterone and estrogen's are hormones inventively manufactured in the females blood stream and to add up,the brown gargantuan chocolate cherry must regulate hormones to counter any colored ball occurrence and avoid disgrace as far as possible

  2. very gargantuanly and emphatically stated...lol