Monday, 24 October 2011


Every single time I intend  to extend these heavy words to this glorious gem of a lady, time and chance plays hide-and-seek with love and fondness. I’ve longed for her warm embrace and the slap across my face for cheating on her; that is, if I foolishly do so. Many friends and acquaintances become instantly awed at the sight of her backbone and her frontal zone. It’s probably due to their respective sizes or maybe the swagger capturing her catwalk. She’s worth much more than human eyes can envision: and even lighter than most heavy minds would attempt to fathom. But my impasse defined by her unwillingness to receive this message of mine, has most certainly caused me to stint on the inherent blaze dying down with each turndown.

Her name rings the royal ringtone each moment it’s mentioned. Not the type adorned and ensconced with the raiment of humans or commons: the kind woven by powerful ones sadly unseen and unheard of. Though fairer than a Cleopatra, she risks losing her independence despite her unwillingness to create some sort of alliance. Dodging the bullets, or better still, the arrows of the purest archer of affection, presents the said bearer of them with an uphill engagement that even Hercules would succumb to. But her resistance is surely as ephemeral as a timeless sunset.

This unsent textus does me no good as long as it remains so. Owing to the fact that it has consistently avoided an encounter with this primus inter pares, the current place of occupation burdens the memory space of my mobile device. Maybe this note should keep its virginity and withdraw itself from utter rejection that could suffice in the not too pleasant but proximate future; that’s if I can’t help it. For your information, I’m not making efforts at divorcing Lady Loneliness just by settling for this goddess: I believe she’s the ladybird that has perched on my livid leaves despite the lack of gloss. Her spots continue to enchant my vision, those visible dots conspicuous to sages without dark hair follicles.

The message is still pending because she’s got no seconds for spending....

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