Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Yesterday's Blaze

Insulating myself from the hell that wants to erode my skin, that's what I'm doing. These yellow flames were my friends before. We walked the brimstone streets once and many times that we lost count.

The livid horde of grim reapers came through the alleys we played on. Their long staffs, with those razor-sharp blades, sent hot chills down places that crippled us. Nevertheless, we still had a calmness that made us impervious to the fear that they exuded.

I'm not sure why that was the case. Maybe its because we were young and unaware. Things are different now. They blazed hotter as the day continued, whilst I remained the same; hoping to become the sun and far hotter than has ever been, I maxed out.

It's almost midnight. Things are different now. Why? 
I've forgotten how it feels to be fierce; what a sharp contrast of sub-zero temperatures looked like. My amnesia has become my undoing.

Monday, 5 December 2016

You're Not Here

It's like my soul searching came up short. I didn't factor in the eventual this. Being a grad student is never easy. Thing is, I didn't know it had anti-perks. I only saw what opportunities lied ahead using my pragmatic side. I conveniently forgot about my more emotive half and thought I'd "robocop" my way through.

But the long distance love I avowed to avoid, caught up with me. Exposing me and all of my weaknesses. The time difference, ooooh time difference. I hate it with a passion.
She's going to bed, I'm sitting in class. She wakes up expecting to hear my voice, I'm living my alternate reality with a snore. It's always a tussle without pulling a muscle.

The first didn't really pap. Being strangers before and turning lovers overnight was the curse.
But this is different. We've been friends for a decade and one. And now the harsh reality knocks.

Yesternight was hard. Her tears brushed my canvas.
She's stressed, she can't take it.
The missed calls, the emojis, the long messages; it's all messing her state.
Her expectations are intoxicated with hope, but yet, wet with uncertainty.
Now, it's like hearts need glucose shots. Hmmm...