Friday, 25 September 2015

See You Later Eddie.

It's hard
To know someone from afar
But yet you claim to be friends on the book.

I admired you
from a distance I did
I even learnt how wonderful your voice is.

But I guess I'd have to wait
To introduce myself and say
Hey Eddie, my name is Kojo.

You're where we're headed
Just intercede for us
Whilst our transit is almost over.

The choir just got upgraded....


Monday, 14 September 2015

Yellow Dwarf

I’m staring upwards at you.
Five thousand Fahrenheit mister scorch
My shades protect my pupils from your blaze
But I struggle to see, tussle to gaze.

It’s true, your photons attack my face
You’re brighter than Sirius yes.
But I’m coming for you.
I’m the new source, the new nucleus.

If fire should fade when I show up
Then why should you stay shining?
I must out-burn you
So days would oust nights forever.