Wednesday, 11 April 2012


How many fairer ones really want to flap feathery wings and fly beyond the distant cirrus? It seems too clear, even visible enough for the blind bats in the Grand Canyon, when human beings can easily decide to assume that certain kinds of sapiens are without little stain or blemish. This might be entirely based on this premise - when that boisterous bro or the cleavage carrying sort performs a supposed act of kindness, either in support of your broke ass or some poor old lady laden in white linen struggling to make her way home, angelic status duly becomes their proclivity. Such impressions are usually laid out in statements like, "She is the best thing that ever happened to me".

How many times we have fallen prey to age-old trick of deception remains a very large number, probably even bigger than infinity itself. I mean if cartoons are supposed to entertain toddlers unaware of the callous world they currently inhabit, then why do they seem scared when they have nightmares? Of course, some could blame the thirteen ghosts of Scooby Doo and any other popular animation series that double in teaching us how to take to our heels when headless horsemen or ghastly-voiced undertakers suddenly emerge from nowhere.

But then there’s the Ghostbusters, who sadly cannot save the five-year old, who’s immature mind has forgotten to include them in the cast of “Ghouls Chasing Me” which airs every time countless hours are spent watching the premiere right after school. So who’s culpable - Warner Bros. or Cartoon Network? Because you see, if Scooby needs snacks to save the day, why won’t the incorrigible kid next door ask for a tip when you seriously require airtime to call the fire service? But that’s just by the way.

Everything isn’t what it seems to be. At least, that lady in glass shoes from the sovereign state has succeeded in imprinting such a lasting truth. I don’t believe in the honesty of an Eve not just because she refused to repeat the forever famous Cinderella folklore, but just because I have decided to accept this painful fact - that we are only, but the exact opposite reflection of whom we make people see us to be. 

So all the “good girls” aren’t actually good are they now? You could interview Rihanna for clarity on that though.