Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Well Spoken

I've noticed how difficult it is to speak the right words in this generation. Vulgarity seems to be the new normal, or at least, it has been accepted for decades now. It's easy to blame current musical trends and actors we so dearly admire.

Like the many critical people I know, it's a personal principle of mine to speak right. That doesn't just mean alacrity; it means oratorical dignity too. Saying the f-word, or the s-word might be the current cool. But I'm sorry, let me be forever uncool and dignified in my speech. That would not only present me before kings and queens, it will force them to accord me respect. After all, Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama's speech, and not Azealia Banks' over-top rhetoric (no offense).
Plus, that's what Daddy taught me.

Speak right..